Where to begin: How two communities are addressing pedestrian safety

Join us for a webinar on March 13th about how two communities are addressing pedestrian safety in ways that suit their needs. This is the latest installment in our monthly webinar series Implementation & Equity 201: The Path Forward to Complete Streets.

Our flagship report, Dangerous by Design, highlighted how people are being killed every day while walking and why dangerous street design is a leading cause. Now, we are partnering with America Walks to highlight how two jurisdictions are approaching this problem.

Although San Francisco and Honolulu are culturally and physically unique places, their transportation systems were built with the same dangerous, car-centric standards that have shaped jurisdictions across the United States. Both places are addressing their equity and pedestrian safety problems by working to understand their specific context through data and community engagement. This discussion will spark ideas about how we can more thoughtfully work toward safer streets in our own jurisdictions.

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Megan Wier, director of the Program on Health, Equity and Sustainability at the San Francisco Department of Public Health will discuss how city agencies and community stakeholders are working together to address severe and fatal pedestrian injuries, most recently through the City’s Vision Zero efforts to eliminate traffic deaths on city streets. She will highlight how a systematic, data-driven approach and community engagement are tools to advance the city’s Vision Zero efforts and reduce injuries, especially for the most vulnerable populations.

Daniel Alexander, Co-Executive Director at the Hawaii Bicycling League, will speak about the organization’s Safe Streets for All advocacy. He will highlight their Solutions Meeting program, which humanizes traffic fatalities and injuries by bringing together stakeholders at the site where a bicyclist or pedestrian has been killed or seriously injured. Participants work together to identify and pursue engineering, enforcement, and education solutions to reduce the chances of another tragedy. Daniel will also provide updates on the current state of Vision Zero in Hawaii. Tune in to hear how advocacy groups can play a role in pushing transportation and other city departments to adopt robust data-driven, safety first approaches.

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