Will you be in the room?

Will you be in the room when members of Congress, real estate developers and investors discuss smart growth projects to make their communities great?

Everyone knows in order to close a deal or to change public policy, you have to be in the room.

The 2014 LOCUS Leadership Summit is set to assemble some of the most innovative mayors and developers from all over the country in one (large) room to share and learn the latest best practices, innovative policy solutions and smart growth projects in their communities.

This year’s summit, “Closing the Next [Smart Growth] Deal” will feature some of Smart Growth America’s Local Leaders Council members who understand the connection between smart growth and economic development. Here are some of the leaders you will find in the room:

Former Mayor Mark Mallory, Cincinnati, OH
“It has become clear that there is increasing demand to live near community assets. By making smart transportation decisions, communities provide an incentive to private investment.”
Mayor Rick Danner, Greer, SC
“We see smart growth solutions as the only responsible way to address our transportation needs.”
Mayor Ruth Randleman, Carlisle, IA
“Whether you call it economic development, smart planning or smart growth, the public understands that infrastructure and growth decisions must be made strategically, no matter the size of the community.”
Mayor Scott Avedisian, Warwick, RI
“Turning a smart growth vision into reality is not always easy, but it is important work. Public demand is stronger than ever for vibrant main streets, walkable downtowns and neighborhoods with more transportation and housing choices.”
Mayor Andrew Fellows, College Park, MD
“[Smart growth] means redoubling efforts to revitalize under-served communities by restoring and enhancing infrastructure through redevelopment. It means reducing auto dependency through the development of walkable urban places in transit-oriented communities.”

Over thirty mayors and local elected officials and several dozen developers have already reserved their spot in the room.

There’s only one question left to ask:

Will you be in the room?

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