Complete Streets Workshops

The National Complete Streets Coalition (NCSC) helps state and local agencies learn to balance the needs of all users and develop and implement effective policies and procedures. We offer both in-person and virtual workshops and technical assistance.

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Using NCSC’s framework, our hands-on workshops help participants lay the required foundation for adopting or updating a Complete Streets policy, strengthening relationships between transportation practitioners, other departments, and the community. Our focus on putting these policies into practice—changing what gets built and where—can help transform the decision-making process itself. Run by the National Complete Streets Coalition, each interactive workshop is led by NCSC staff and expert, nationally-recognized practitioners who bring a balance of policy and design experience to help decision-makers, stakeholders, and agency professionals learn how to balance the needs of all users and routinely create and maintain safer, more Complete Streets.

Our workshops touch on one or more of these eight core areas:

  • Understanding the benefits of Complete Streets
  • Developing and adopting a new policy
  • Implementing a Complete Streets policy
  • Building a coalition and community engagement
  • Measuring the performance of our roads
  • Communicating about Complete Streets
  • Experimenting with quick-builds and demonstration projects1
  • Complete streets in different contexts, from rural places to big cities

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We also offer e-learning assistance:

You can access two modules that are based on the core curriculum of our in-person technical assistance. Learn more about our e-learning offerings, which can be purchased for $69 each or $95 for both.

  1. Introduction to Designing for Active Transportation
  2. Integrating Land Use into Complete Streets
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