(Re)Building Downtown

Successful economic development is increasingly about creating great, walkable, and connected places. Smart Growth America’s (Re)Building Downtown technical assistance helps your community get ready for walkable development quickly and efficiently. We help local public officials identify the necessary strategies, including improving regulations for land use, establishing clear public investment practices, and reforming administrative processes. Our experts also work with you to develop data-driven policy arguments to demonstrate the benefits of walkable downtown development.

We begin by working with community leaders to understand your unique opportunities and challenges. Next, we conduct a tailored training on the fundamentals of successfully building a downtown—old or new, large or small. These workshops are designed for elected leaders and other local government officials and are rooted in our research for what the new recipe for economic success is. This highly flexible training series can be modified to include more participants beyond the core group and can include greater data on trends and resources, as needed.

Downtown revitalization is about more than making physical improvements; it’s about bringing people together. Vibrant downtowns, main streets, and city centers give people reasons to return to your neighborhood over and over again.

If you believe what we do — that creating great, walkable, and connected places is the new recipe for strong economic and community development — contact us today to build a more resilient downtown .