Revitalization without Displacement

Communities large and small are looking for ways to create prosperity for everyone. Smart Growth America’s Revitalization without Displacement Technical Assistance is designed to assist your community, poised for redevelopment, by identifying where public policy or programs could help to mitigate negative effects of neighborhood revitalization in anticipation of incoming change. We support elected leaders, appointed officials, community developers, and residents working together to revitalize neighborhoods and ensure that projects are both economically successful and socially equitable.

We begin by working with community leaders to understand your unique development pressures and community concerns. This can often include pressures and concerns resulting from a new or existing transit corridor. Next, we can conduct a commercial corridor market study or a housing availability evaluation, among other options, to determine if your community has the type of policy and practices in place to achieve your goals. We also conduct a workshop to bring new ideas and information to the city and its partners and identify a path forward for redevelopment and revitalization work.

If you believe what we do — that successful, equitable revitalization is development that provides access to housing, jobs, and transportation for all members of the community — contact us today to start revitalizing your community.