Implementing Smart Growth

Smart Growth America’s series of topical workshops are an introduction to a smart growth approach, typically with a focus on a specific issue. These one- and two-day workshops are often geared toward local elected officials and public sector employees, but can be tailored to engage other participants such as business leaders, non-profit organizations, and community residents. We offer a range of topics through these workshops listed below, but we can also tailor them to your specific local needs. Get in touch with us!

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Understanding and implementing smart growth 101

An introductory overview of smart growth development strategies that will introduce participants to the ten principles of smart growth development, and explore how those principles could be applied in the host community.

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Planning for economic and fiscal health

This workshop teaches participants how to save money now, reduce fiscal liabilities for the future and spur local economic development, and provides examples of public and private projects that have successfully achieved these goals in the past. The workshop then shows how to apply these lessons in your community using an interactive and hands-on method.

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Transit-oriented development 101
This workshop provides attendees with an understanding of what transit-oriented development is and what makes for successful projects.

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Other introductory topics can include:

  • Complete Streets
  • Rural development
  • Transportation performance measurement
  • Small-scale manufacturing & placemaking

For more in-depth workshops and longer technical assistance engagements, please see our full range of offerings.

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