2017 was an exciting and fulfilling year for LOCUS

2017 was a banner year for LOCUS: we launched our Rebuild America’s Neighborhoods campaign to organize developers and investors to advocate for and protect federal programs that support public infrastructure, affordable housing and economic development in walkable communities; we brought together over 200 responsible real estate developers, investors, transportation professionals, and local leaders at the 2017 LOCUS Leadership Summit: P3 is for Partnerships, Placemaking, and Policy to talk about obstacles and opportunities in building walkable neighborhoods; we hosted three deal-making webinars that showcased development opportunities in Northeast Ohio, Greensboro, NC, and Albuquerque, NM; and so much more.

Enjoy this look back at some of our 2017 highlights, and see some of what we have in store for 2018.

Launched the Rebuild America’s Neighborhoods campaign to engage developers and investors on Tax Reform. Testified for better infrastructure financing using TIFIA to enhance safety, mobility, and economic development.
Led the effort to secure passage of brownfields legislation, H.R.3017, that passed the House by a vote of 409 – 8. Provided testimony to the Subcommittee on Environment for the reauthorization of the EPA Brownfields program.
Spearheaded community engagement in Somerville’s Union Square to develop a Strategic and Community Benefits Plan. Led a delegation of developers to meet top officials in the new administration to promote support equitable, walkable development.
Hosted an interactive deal-making session to highlight development opportunites in Oklahoma City, and Washington DC. Featured “Development Opportunities in Greensboro, NC” during our deal-making webinar
Highlighted development opportunities in Northeast Ohio on our “Building Walkable Places-Northeast Ohio” webinar. Showcased “Transit-Oriented Development Opportunities in Albuquerque” in our webinar series.
Released the “2017 Federal Financing Toolkit” to help developers, investors and local officials achieve their development goals. Discussed creative financing methods to fill project-funding gaps on our “Financing for Projects that Don’t Pencil Out” webinar with Bob Stevens from M&S Development.
Hosted “A crash course on federal TOD financing programs” webinar which provided an overview of key programs that help create more transit oriented development. Partnered with the GWU School of Business’s Center for Real Estate & Urban Analysis on The WalkUP Wake UP Call: Metro New York City” report.
Convened over 200 developers and investors to discuss obstacles and opportunities to build walkable neighborhoods at the 2017 LOCUS Leadership Summit. Sponsored the Form-Based Codes Institute Forum: Connecting Policy, Place & Practice to spread knowledge on creating walkable, communities using  form-based zoning codes.
And let’s not forget our 2017 Award winners:
The Developer of the Year award went to Stanford Carr of Stanford Carr Development for his exceptional leadership in smart growth development. North American Properties was named The 2017 Company of the Year. North American is an Atlanta-based company dedicated to projects that transform the community and create lasting value for residents. The Richard Baron Affordable Housing Award went to Buwa Binitie of Dantes Partners for his commitment to developing and financing “luxury affordable housing” for individuals and families.

P.S. Don’t forget to nominate an exemplary smart growth developer for the 2018 Leadership Award. Submit your nomination>>


Supporters like you make our work possible. LOCUS thanks you for your continued advocacy and support of our work to build and create healthy, prosperous, and socially equitable communities.

Upcoming 2018 Events
  • Register today for the 2018 LOCUS National Leadership Summit: Rebuild America’s Neighborhoods on April 22-24, 2018 in Washington, DC to learn about important housing and tax policy changes, the future of infrastructure and real estate finance, the impact of technology on mobility, the role of equity in neighborhood redevelopment and LOCUS’s 2018 policy recommendations for federal policy makers.
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