Elaine Chao’s confirmation hearing is tomorrow. Tell the Senate to press her on pedestrian safety.

Earlier today we released Dangerous by Design 2016, new research looking at the ongoing epidemic of pedestrian deaths in the United States.

A staggering 46,149 people were struck and killed by cars while walking between 2005 and 2014. That’s an average of 13 people each day, or the equivalent of one Boeing 777 filled to capacity with passengers crashing and killing everyone aboard every month.

Yet we hardly treat the crisis of pedestrian deaths accordingly. Each one of the people killed was a child, parent, friend, classmate, or neighbor. And these tragedies occurred across the country—in small towns and big cities, in communities on the coast and in the heartland.

The U.S. Department of Transportation has the ability and responsibility to address this epidemic. And tomorrow, January 11, Congress is scheduled to hold the confirmation hearing for Elaine Chao, Trump’s nominee for the next transportation secretary. That makes this week a unique opportunity to shine a spotlight on pedestrian deaths.

Tell Congress to ask Elaine Chao how she will address pedestrian safety during tomorrow’s confirmation hearing:

Send a message to the Senate Commerce Committee today

Add your voice and we’ll deliver this message directly to the staff of each committee member before the hearing.

Even one death is too many. Make sure the next transportation secretary prioritizes pedestrian safety by sending a message today.

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