Economic and Fiscal Modeling

Every town, city, and county makes decisions about how to grow and what kind of development to build. These decisions shape entire neighborhoods, have enormous implications for a municipality’s finances, and form the foundation of communities as we know them. Smart Growth America’s Economic and Fiscal Health Technical Assistance works with private developers and municipal leaders alike to ensure that these decisions are made to generate better returns in the future.

We offer two different types of technical assistance, both rooted in SGA’s original research. First, our Fiscal Implications of Development Patterns model lays out a new model to help municipalities understand the financial performance of development patterns and the strategies they could use to generate better future returns. We look at a variety of public costs and revenues to help municipal leaders understand how a smart growth approach to development could help improve their bottom line.

Additionally, our Economic Impact model analyzes the economic development potential of up to four different development scenarios. Published in partnership with the George Washington University School of Business, this analysis helps developers and public officials understand the economic potential of a given development and helps officials and citizens understand the benefits of a strategy that is focused on downtown revitalization for the entire community.

Creating more economically and fiscally sound communities is not just about attracting the right businesses. Without understanding the appropriate mix of transportation and development options, municipalities are potentially leaving millions of dollars on the table. How much will it cost to support new development in coming years? Would the development bring more net revenue if designed differently? These are two kinds of questions that no municipality can afford to ignore.

If you believe what we do — that communities pursuing a holistic examination of their fiscal and economic health win at more than just finances — contact us today to strengthen your community.