Webinar highlights new guide for state transportation officials

On Friday, Smart Growth America participated in a webinar to highlight our new resource for state transportation officials, released recently in partnership with the State Smart Transportation Initiative.

The Innovative DOT: A handbook of policy and practice surveys best practices nationally and takes stock of the ways in which state Departments of Transportation can provide taxpayers and travelers with a better return on their investments and better access to destinations.

The webinar featured Roger Millar, Vice President of Smart Growth America and Director of Smart Growth America’s Leadership Institute; Al Biehler, former Secretary of the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation; and Eric Sundquist, Managing Director of the State Smart Transportation Initiative. It provided an overview of the contents of The Innovative DOT, including a closer look at several of the 31 policies and practices described in the handbook. It also highlighted several current and past initiatives Smart Growth America and the State Smart Transportation Initiative have undertaken with state DOTs around the country to ensure the greatest possible return on transportation investments through many of the strategies outlined in the handbook.

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