Wednesday News – Rockville, MD Adopts a Policy

Rockville, MD: Rockville City Council unanimously adopted a complete streets policy (.pdf) on Monday. Building on a number of existing policies, including the Bicycle Mater Plan and Sidewalk Prioritization Policy, the complete streets framework will tie together other efforts, prioritize projects, and provide design guidance.

Indianapolis, IN: Prompted by the Complete Streets Workshop earlier this month, a local blog opines on the possibilities of complete streets in the city and suburbs. (Dirt Americana)

Minneapolis, MN: Statewide, cycling has grown by leaps and bounds recently. In Minneapolis, the percentage of residents who bike to work increased has more than doubled since 1990, and ridership on key routes are expected to grow 10 to 30 percent. All the new bicyclists haven’t lead to more crashes and injuries, though, adding weight to the theory that there’s increased safety in numbers. (Star Tribune)

New Mexico: The Bicycle Coalition of New Mexico is urging the State Department of Transportation to remove ‘partial paving’ from its practices. By not repaving shoulders when repaving travel lanes or neglecting to add a top layer on new construction, NMDOT is creating poor conditions on shoulders that could otherwise be usable by pedestrians and cyclists. (Albuquerque Journal)

Cincinnati, OH: Soapbox Cincinnati has published part two of a series on complete streets, discussing how the city and suburbs can benefit and dispelling a few myths along the way. Also highlighted are some of the recent steps the City has taken.

Vermont: Local Motion, an group advocating for active transportation, talks about developing complete streets throughout Vermont as a strategy to be the fittest state in the US. (Burlington Free Press)

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