Welcome to HUD, Secretary Carson

Today, Dr. Ben Carson was confirmed as Secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban Development, putting him at the helm of the federal agency that oversees home mortgage lending practices and other housing-related programs.

To Secretary Carson we say congratulations. America’s housing and community development policies have a huge impact on the day-to-day lives of millions of Americans, and in your new position you have a unique and valuable opportunity to improve this country.

Smart Growth America and LOCUS are looking forward to working with Secretary Carson. He is an unconventional choice for this position, but can bring fresh eyes and renewed energy to the department. Under Secretary Carson HUD has the potential to revitalize distressed neighborhoods and address America’s housing affordability crisis. We believe the private sector can and should play a significant role in that work, and welcome a chance to collaborate.

As we outlined last month when Dr. Carson was first nominated, the secretary of HUD can and should use the position to address America’s affordable housing crisis, build affordable housing in places with affordable transportation, eliminate barriers to investing in distressed neighborhoods, realize that federal investments can be a tool for economic growth, help communities remain resilient to natural hazards, and create more housing choices, make communities more walkable, and preserve the safety net this agency provides for Americans experiencing homelessness.

Congratulations again to Secretary Carson. We look forward to working with him on all of these priorities.