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I’m Beth Osborne, the Vice President of Transportation and Thriving Communities at Smart Growth America. We advocate for a transportation system that safely, affordably, and conveniently connects people of all means and abilities to jobs, services, and opportunities through multiple modes of travel.

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This year, we’ve seen our efforts influence the creation of a program that expands and improves our nation’s passenger rail networks. Now, a litany of infrastructure investments are making a better-connected future a reality for people across the country. Providing clean, efficient options for getting around not only reduces emissions and protects the climate, but also connects residents to opportunity and expands their economies, a pillar of what our work aims to achieve.

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In 2023, we also launched our Community Connectors program, partnering with 15 mid-sized cities to support their efforts to repair the damage caused by harmful, divisive infrastructure and advance new transportation infrastructure projects.

This inspiring cohort of local leaders is on the front lines of creating vibrant, thriving communities for their residents. Over the next 18 months, we’ll be there every step of the way to support their efforts to reconnect their communities.

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We are at a transformative moment for transportation. With your generosity, we can continue to advocate for infrastructure investments that prioritize safety over speed and connect communities in ways that will empower them to truly thrive.

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Beth Osborne
Vice President of Transportation and Thriving Communities










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