New report and companion workbook highlight successful Complete Streets policies from across the United States

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cs-2011-policy-analysis-coverCommunities across the United States adopted 146 Complete Streets policies in 2011, and over 350 policies are now in place across the country. A new report looks at some of the best of these policies, and a new resource can help community leaders bring these practices to their town or city.

The National Complete Streets Coalition’s 2011 Policy Analysis analyzes the over 350 Complete Streets policies that have been approved by communities across the country. These policies are working to make streets safer, more livable and more welcoming for everyone, and the 2011 Policy Analysis surveys the most successful and robust.

“It’s great to see such a surge in Complete Streets policy adoption over the past year,” said National Complete Streets Coalition Director Roger Millar. “But this growth is also reflective of changing times and attitudes about transportation.”

Local policies of particular note are highlighted throughout the report, providing a comprehensive examination of best policy practices across the country. Complete Streets policies in New Jersey, Louisiana, California, Minnesota, and Connecticut are among the report’s most successful examples.

cs-policy-workbookAccompanying the new report is the latest edition of the Complete Streets Local Policy Workbook. This introductory guide serves as a starting point for transportation experts and interested local leaders to begin mapping out their own Complete Streets policies.

Based on existing examples from around the country, the guide encourages local leaders to examine their community’s needs, vision, and goals. The most successful policies incorporate input from a broad group of stakeholders including transportation planners and engineers, elected officials, transit agencies, public health departments, and members of the community, to name just a few.

This workbook is intended to be used during the development of a city or county Complete Streets policy, but many of the same principles apply when developing a policy for regional agencies or states.

In July 2012, the National Complete Street Coalition became an official program of Smart Growth America. Complete Streets are a vital part of strong, vibrant neighborhoods, and the Coalition’s work helps make communities work for everyone. Learn more at

Download the reports:
Complete Streets 2011 Policy Analysis
Complete Streets Local Policy Workbook

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