Webinar Recordings

The Technical Assistance for Nuclear Communities program hosts regular informational webinars about the decommissioning process, economic resilience, success stories, and more. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter to be notified of upcoming events. 

Getting Started with EDA Nuclear Funding

For communities and regions that host a nuclear power plant, economic diversification is a critical goal, one that can be supported by EDA funding. Cities or counties in a region that has been or could be impacted by a plant closure should consider projects to address these impacts and apply. These resources present an opportunity to diversify your community’s economy and reduce reliance on a single industry. View the recording below to hear more on the basics of EDA’s Nuclear Communities funding, project ideas, support available to communities in considering their options and preparing an application.

View resources about this funding for more information and project ideas >>

Exploring a Wealth Creation Approach in Nuclear Host Communities

Whether closure is imminent or not anticipated for many years, it is never too early to start planning for the post-nuclear future of your community and a wealth creation strategy is a valuable approach to support economic diversification and resilience. This webinar introduced the fundamentals of wealth creation, including its core principles, the multiple forms of community capital, and how to build value chains—with a real focus on tapping into existing assets and thinking regionally about economic development.

Lessons Learned and Best Practices for Transitioning Economies

A conversation with leaders from two regions facing similar challenges—one responding to the closure of coal-fired power plants and the other to the loss of the paper mill industry. They share best practices and lessons learned from their communities’ economic recovery journeys, which can help support transition and diversification efforts in your community. January 2021.

Nuclear Closure Communities – Technical Assistance Program

An informational session about the program and the support available for communities that are making the difficult transition when a nuclear plant closes. November 2020. Read more on how Smart Growth America’s new Nuclear Closure Communities Technical Assistance program is supporting communities that are making the difficult transition when a nuclear plant closes here.