120 days in, SGA reviews the stimulus spending on transportation

Download the full report (1mb pdf) Within the $787 billion stimulus bill that became law in February, Congress provided states and Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs) with $26.6 billion in flexible funds for transportation projects. Today marks 120 days from the apportionment of the funds to the states. The 120-day mark is significant because it is … Continued


We can put thousands back to work quickly and responsibly with smart transportation spending

Investing first in repair and maintenance can prevent another disaster like Minnesota’s I-35W bridge collapse. Tell your Governor to invest in the future with smart, proven, ready-to-go transportation spending. Creative Commons Flickr photo by Poppyseed Bandits. Earlier this week, we highlighted a new Smart Growth America report that details 20 proven and ready-to-go ways for … Continued

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2008 at the Ballot Box: Continuing the Trend

The results of November’s Presidential election may have represented a change of direction for our country, but at least one trend at the ballot box remained unchanged from the past few elections: Taxpayers across the country again approved a bevy of ballot measures to conserve land, protect farmland, promote smart growth; and expand public transportation, … Continued


The Governor's travels: Hagerstown a shining example of smart growth

When speaking about the Maryland smart growth program that he helped create more than 10 years ago, former Governor Parris Glendening is fond of telling the story of how the state’s decision to locate a University of Maryland campus in downtown Hagerstown sparked revitalization of the traditional town center. Just a couple of weeks ago, … Continued


Climate impact considered in Maine megaproject

When a timber company proposed a new development on a lake in central Maine that would clear 14,000 acres of forest to build roughly 2,300 homes, forward-looking leaders in Maine questioned the wisdom of a mega-project on pristine wilderness so far from existing infrastructure. Considering the fact that satisfying the growing demand for homes in … Continued