Introducing the Complete Streets Policy Action Guide

The way we design and manage our streets holds immense power in shaping our communities. Yet, all too often, we prioritize the movement of cars over the safety and well-being of people. It’s time to challenge this status quo and implement a transformative approach to transportation planning—one that centers around the principles of Complete Streets.

Two bikers cross a street while their bike lane signal is green. They are riding down a suburban street where houses line the streets on both sides, and the only cars visible are parked ones.

In partnership with CityHealth, we created a Complete Streets Policy Action Guide that makes it easier than ever to work towards creating more equitable, accessible, and sustainable communities. This guide is not merely a resource—it’s a roadmap for collective action.

The Complete Streets Policy Action Guide can be found here. To learn more about Complete Streets, we created a story map that explains the what, why, and how of Complete Streets. Click here to learn more.

At its core, the Complete Streets movement is about reclaiming our streets as vibrant public spaces that serve the needs of all residents, regardless of their mode of transportation. Complete Streets prioritize safety, promote active lifestyles, and foster community connections. And they challenge entrenched norms and push back against systems that perpetuate inequity.

Whether you’re an advocate for healthier, more livable communities or an elected leader or policymaker, you can leverage the tools and strategies provided in the Complete Streets Policy Action Guide to drive meaningful change.

But change doesn’t happen in a vacuum—it thrives on collaboration, inclusivity, and the power of collective voices. This guide places a strong emphasis on community engagement, encouraging residents to actively participate in the planning and decision-making processes that shape their neighborhoods.

Moreover, the guide equips planners and practitioners with practical resources for overcoming barriers and navigating the complexities of policy implementation. From building coalitions to crafting compelling narratives, it offers a comprehensive toolkit for effecting change at the state and local level.

Now is the time to harness the momentum of the Complete Streets movement. By embracing the principles outlined in the Complete Streets Policy Action Guide, we can pave the way for a future where everyone—regardless of age, ability, or background—can safely and freely navigate their surroundings.

Click here to access a downloadable version of the guide


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