Webinar recap: “People are dying on our streets: Why is this happening and how can we talk about it responsibly?”

In our recent webinar, we were joined by three reporters for a discussion about pedestrian fatalities and how people can talk about the issue in a responsible and productive way. The recording of that webinar is now available along with answers to some of the questions we weren’t able to get to live.

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Complete Streets local policy workbook

To support the varying needs and goals of communities across the country, the Coalition published a comprehensive workbook for communities to follow when writing their own Complete Streets policies. For use by city and county agencies, the guide is based in national existing policy and best practices and encourages a thoughtful, inclusive process for developing locally appropriate policy language.

Complete Streets

Taking Action on Complete Streets: Implementing processes for safe, multimodal streets

Transportation planners, engineers, and department officials will find this report helpful in considering how to implement a Complete Streets approach. Other stakeholders with knowledge of transportation issues, such as community leaders and public health agencies, can reference this document in assisting the transportation professionals successfully integrate the needs of all users into every decision-making.

Complete Streets

Complete Streets in the States: A Guide to Legislative Action

A state legislation toolkit, produced by AARP in coordination with the National Complete Streets Coalition, offers additional guidance and materials that may be used in a statewide Complete Streets effort. It includes the below model legislative language as well as the reasons for the use of that language. Contents include comments on existing state legislation related to Complete Streets, information on potential partners that might support Complete Streets efforts, basic strategic guidance and resources, and insight into ways five states are working toward the implementation of Complete Streets policies.

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