In the zone with form-based codes

The results are in: places that adopt form-based zoning codes generally perform better economically than places regulated by more conventional, Euclidean zoning—and there’s evidence that the former can also help foster more equitable development, according to new research released today by the Form- Based Codes Institute at Smart Growth America.

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How cities can reduce traffic instead of just ensuring more of it

A new approach to addressing the potential transportation impacts of new development in urban areas, outlined in a new report by our State Smart Transportation Initiative (SSTI), could be a powerful recipe for reducing the demand for driving, while helping create more prosperous transit- and pedestrian-friendly cities.

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Planning Complete Streets for the Aging of America

A new report from AARP’s Public Policy Institute, “Planning Complete Streets for the Aging of America,” is packed with new information and calls for adoption of Complete Streets policies to address the needs of the estimated 64 million Americans who will be over 65 in 2025. Many transportation planners and engineers have not begun to prepare for the coming increase in Americans over 65 years old.

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