An excerpt from Megan Kimble’s new book, City Limits

In Austin, hundreds of families will lose child care if a preschool is demolished to expand an interstate. In Houston, a young Black woman will lose her brand-new home to a new lane on Interstate 10-just blocks away from where a seventy-four-year-old nurse lost her home in the 1960s when that same highway was built. … Continued

Advancing Racial Equity Land Use and Development

A path forward for affordable housing in Hawaiʻi

Embarking on a trip to Hawai’i last week, I found myself amidst the lush landscapes and warm aloha spirit, tasked with a mission that resonates deeply with our work at Smart Growth America. Partnering with AARP Hawai’i, we delved into the complexities of affordable housing in the state, a challenge that is both urgent and pivotal to our mission. It was an honor to present our findings and engage in a meaningful dialogue with the Hawai’i State Senate Committee on Housing, sharing insights that could pave the way for sustainable housing solutions.

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Designation 2050: The case for updating Vermont’s Designation Program

Vermont’s Designation Programs guide development and state investment priorities for revitalization. In response to the Program’s evolving needs, Smart Growth America and Community Workshop collaborated on Designation 2050, a strategic report that evaluates the current Designation Programs, sharing insights and recommendations for reform. The report’s key findings aim to position a reformed Designation Program to … Continued

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Designation 2050: Vermont State Designation Program Evaluation and Reform

Vermont’s Designation Programs guide development and state investment priorities for revitalization by offering benefits to municipalities and property owners like tax credits, grant funding, and easier permitting for housing in designated areas to municipalities and property owners. While the programs have been successful in leveraging hundreds of millions of dollars in funding for local development … Continued

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