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Smart Growth America (SGA) seeks an exceptional writer, editor, content producer, and strategic communicator with experience in smart growth principles such as land use, planning, transportation, placemaking, or economic development. We deeply believe that improving racial disparities is at the core of a smart growth approach, and the Communications Associate will play a key role in the external communications surrounding SGA’s organization-wide voice on racial equity, climate mitigation and resilience, and creating healthier, more connected communities.  


Meeting resident needs in the North End of Newport

Smart Growth America and the North End Local Advocacy Group co-created the North End Equitable Development Strategy (NEEDS) to serve as a roadmap for equitable development in the North End neighborhood of Newport, Rhode Island.  The NEEDS evolved over months of collaboration and is intended to advance policy changes that will make their neighborhood a … Continued

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North End Equitable Development Strategy (NEEDS)

The North End Equitable Development Strategy (NEEDS) serves as a roadmap to implement the 2021 North End Urban Plan in the North End of Newport, Rhode Island, according to the North End residents’ priorities for equitable development and with their ongoing participation. The NEEDS evolved over months of collaboration with North End community leaders, who … Continued

SGA Statement on the Inflation Reduction Act

In addition to important health and tax provisions, the Inflation Reduction Act is the single-largest investment to support the fight against climate change in U.S. history. Through a workaround called budget reconciliation, Senate Democrats passed this legislation with a simple 51-50 majority, and the House of Representatives passed the measure with Democrat support on a … Continued

Climate Change

Rationale for Smart Growth Fiscal Impact Analysis and Model Fiscal Impact Assessment Ordinance

Fiscal impact analysis is a tool that is already in the playbook for many planners, politicians, and developers. It arises out of the straightforward need to understand how much new development will cost. A typical fiscal analysis uses the average cost method, which assumes that each new resident or employee associated with new development generates … Continued

Economic development

Request for proposals: National pedestrian safety report roll-out

Smart Growth America is seeking a qualified media/PR firm to manage the rollout of its most popular, visible, signature national report: ​Dangerous by Design​. The contract will run from (beginning date ASAP) through July 31, 2022. The release of the report is tentatively scheduled for July 11, 2022. Background: Dangerous by Design​ identifies the most … Continued

Complete Streets Transportation

SGA’s take on introduced opportunity zone reform bill

Last week, a bipartisan group of senators introduced a bicameral bill aiming to reform opportunity zones, the Opportunity Zones Transparency, Extension, and Improvement Act. Smart Growth America (SGA) views the opportunity zone reform bill as a necessary step to advance more equitable outcomes through opportunity zones, which have not benefited the historically underserved communities, nor the small, minority-owned and legacy businesses, as intended.  Additionally, SGA notes that opportunity zones are not sufficient in advancing our goal of delivering more attainable housing near transit, a key tool for smart growth.

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Smart growth highlighted as key strategy for climate change mitigation in IPCC report

In light of rising emissions and failed climate promises, the IPCC released a report emphasizing the urgency of reducing emissions and highlighting the role of smart growth as a tactic to support emissions reduction. To prevent communities from experiencing even more harmful effects of climate change, the IPCC calls on governments and businesses to take … Continued

Climate Change