Webinar recording: Three toolkits for smart growth in rural places

In late April Smart Growth America released three new toolkits for smart growth in rural places. Our Community Facilities Location toolkit helps communities make the most of new facilities like hospitals or post offices. Our Well-Placed Affordable Housing toolkit looks at creating centrally located housing infrastructure. And our Fiscal Impact Analysis toolkit looks at how local government can better understand the long-term financial implications of decisions about new development.

Community Facilities Location Policy Toolkit

For many small and rural communities, access to essential services such as hospitals, medical clinics, schools, courthouses, childcare centers, and post offices can be limited. These services play a critical role in the daily function, health, prosperity, and viability of communities of all types, and in smaller communities this role can be even more important. … Continued

Providing Well-Placed Affordable Housing in Rural Communities toolkit

The cost of living in rural areas is generally lower than in metro areas, yet many residents of rural cities and towns nevertheless struggle to afford the homes and apartments available in those markets. More than seven million rural households spend over 30 percent of their monthly income on housing, a cost burden that can … Continued

Fiscal Impact Analysis Policies in Rural Communities Toolkit

Resources are at a premium for local governments, and this is particularly true for many small towns and rural communities where tax base has shrunk, infrastructure has deteriorated, and service needs are growing. In this context many local governments welcome any new development as a source of new tax revenue and a help to the … Continued