A clarion call goes unheeded

“All the traditions of our past, all the lessons of our heritage, all the promises of our future point to another path, the path of common purpose and the restoration of American values. That path leads to true freedom for our Nation and ourselves. We can take the first steps down that path as we … Continued


Poor sidewalks, bikeways and transit service a barrier for older Americans seeking relief from high gas prices

Guest post by Barbara McCann, coordinator of the National Complete Streets Coalition A new poll out from AARP documents how incomplete streets are making it tough for older Americans to avoid paying the high price of gasoline.  Almost 40 percent of those polled say they don’t have adequate sidewalks in their neighborhood, 55 percent say … Continued

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Enhancing the Pickens Plan with some old-fashioned walkability

You may have seen oilman T. Boone Pickens around lately. If not, then you haven’t turned on your television, radio, or opened a newspaper in the last few weeks. He’s been touting his new Pickens Plan nonstop to nearly any outlet that will listen, taking out full-page ads in newspapers from coast to coast and … Continued


Major League bikers?

Just for fun and in the same vein as last year’s post about Buffalo Bills quarterback J.P. Losman loving life in downtown Buffalo, I noticed this story about some other professional athletes eschewing what perhaps most would expect to describe the lifestyle of a professional athlete — drive an expensive vehicle and live in a … Continued


A few more Walk Score stories

We’ll probably start adding new stories into these two existing posts in the future, but here are a few more pertinent stories about the release of Walk Score‘s neighborhood rankings over the last few days: Site makes strides to score walkable cities USA Today “With the surge in gas prices, people are really considering the … Continued