A Q&A with Megan Kimble, author of City Limits

In her new book City Limits: Infrastructure, Inequality, and the Future of America’s Highways, investigative journalist Megan Kimble weaves together the origins of urban highways with the stories of people impacted by our transportation system—and she features a behind-the-scenes look at how SGA is working with a handful of communities to repair the damage of … Continued


Webinar: Transportation electrification and smart growth in the U.S.

On Tuesday, May 14 from 2 – 3 p.m., we’re partnering with the International Parking & Mobility Institute to offer a free webinar exploring smart growth strategies. Register here. Many climate advocates and pro-climate decision-makers are focused on electrification as the primary, or even only, emissions reduction solution in the transportation sector. As transportation advocates … Continued

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Request for proposals: Dangerous by Design graphics

Smart Growth America is seeking an experienced professional to produce graphics and illustrations demonstrating street design changes that improve safety for people walking, biking, and rolling. Please submit proposals to Heidi Simon, Director of Thriving Communities ([email protected]) by April 18, 2024. Overview and Scope Smart Growth America is in the process of developing its 2024 … Continued

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Pedestrian fatalities at historic high

Yesterday, the U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) released final data for 2022 traffic crashes revealing 7,522 people were struck and killed while walking that year. This crisis isn’t new—pedestrian fatalities are on a consistent upward trajectory and have increased by 68 percent since 2011. We need strong leadership and swift, wholesale action to make our … Continued

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An excerpt from Megan Kimble’s new book, City Limits

In Austin, hundreds of families will lose child care if a preschool is demolished to expand an interstate. In Houston, a young Black woman will lose her brand-new home to a new lane on Interstate 10-just blocks away from where a seventy-four-year-old nurse lost her home in the 1960s when that same highway was built. … Continued

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What is the future of walkability in St. Louis?

As part of a technical assistance project to help local decision makers understand the needs for better mobility and craft stronger policies, I recently had the opportunity to visit and explore one of the great cities of the Midwest–St. Louis, Missouri. Like most American cities, St. Louis clearly demonstrates the impacts of design that prioritizes high-speed driving and punishes all other forms of mobility.

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Connecting community infrastructure projects through technical assistance and capacity building

This post was authored by Madlyn McAuliffe, communications manager for NUMO, with support from Justyn Huckleberry (NUMO) and Harriet Tregoning (NUMO). NUMO is a partner on Smart Growth America’s Community Connectors grant program. When you hear “infrastructure,” most people naturally think of the physical built environment — roads, bridges, buildings. There’s a lot less emphasis … Continued

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Announcing five new member of the LOCUS Steering Committee

We are excited to announce the addition of five esteemed members to the LOCUS Steering Committee. LOCUS, a program of Smart Growth America, is dedicated to promoting equitable and sustainable development practices across the United States through federal advocacy. With the inclusion of these accomplished professionals—who bring invaluable expertise and passion—we can continue our efforts … Continued