An exercise in futility

Our Transportation for America program has released a comprehensive report on why our default “solution” to traffic congestion—widening highways—simply does not work. The Congestion Con proves with data that one more expensive freeway lane most certainly will not solve congestion, and perhaps congestion is the wrong thing to be trying to solve in the first place.


Webinar recap: Parking reform for 21st century communities

“Parking reform for 21st century communities: getting more out of public space,” was a joint webinar between the Form-Based Codes Institute and the State Smart Transportation Initiative. Speakers discussed the steps taken to rethink parking policies and prioritize people in public spaces in Hartford, CT and Atlanta, GA. A recording and recap of the webinar is now available.

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How bad land use and transportation decisions go hand-in-hand with “The Congestion Con”

In an expensive, decades-long effort to curb congestion in urban regions, our transportation agencies and elected leaders have overwhelmingly prioritized spending hundreds of billions of dollars to widen and build new highways. Yet this strategy has utterly failed to “solve” the problem at hand, and in many cases, has actually made it worse. The Congestion Con, a new report from our Transportation for America program, examines how and why, and in this post we look at how land use is right in the middle of it all.

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Now hiring: Thriving Communities Administrative Coordinator

The Thriving Communities Administrative Coordinator will be a member of Smart Growth America’s Thriving Communities Team and is expected to contribute to a collaborative team environment. The Team is looking for a dynamic, organized, people person, who is a master multi-tasker with excellent communication skills and a “can-do” attitude. You should be able to handle administrative and logistical tasks related to Team activities and provide professional assistance internally and externally, solving problems before they happen and identifying ways to streamline processes to make things run more smoothly for the entire Team.


Now hiring: Program and Communications Associate, Thriving Communities

The Thriving Communities Program and Communications Associate will be a member of Smart Growth America’s Thriving Communities team and is expected to contribute to a fast-paced, collaborative team environment. The Program and Communications Associate works to support planning, development, and implementation of program and communications work to support the National Complete Streets Coalition and other cross-disciplinary work and projects for the Thriving Communities Team as needed.


Now hiring: LOCUS National Deputy Director

LOCUS: Responsible Real Estate Developers and Investors seeks a passionate and experienced Deputy Director to expand our network of influential real estate developers and investors that support equitable walkable development in America’s metropolitan areas to ensure that the forward-thinking real estate voice is heard at the federal, state and local level.


Now hiring: LOCUS Massachusetts Program Director

LOCUS: Responsible Real Estate Developers and Investors seeks an experienced Massachusetts-based program director to organize and build a state-wide network and voice of real estate developers and investors who advocate for policies to support the development of sustainable, walkable urban development in Massachusetts.


Webinar recap: the National Opportunity Zones Marketplace

LOCUS & Smart Growth America recently launched the National Opportunity Zones Marketplace, an online resource to help facilitate equitable development and information sharing. It’s the latest evolution of our work to ensure that new investment in Opportunity Zones benefit existing residents the community at-large instead of displacing the people the tax incentive was intended to help. Watch the recorded webinar about how to use the Marketplace.

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Celebrating Complete Streets milestones at the 10th Annual Complete Streets Dinner

Visible through an opening in the wall, Anita Cozart delivers remarks at the 10th Annual Complete Streets dinner.

During the 2020 Transportation Research Board meeting, the National Complete Streets Coalition hosted the Tenth Annual Complete Streets Dinner in Washington, DC. We were joined by over 70 Complete Streets partners, advocates, supporters, and friends who came together to share a meal, get to know each other or catch up, and celebrate another eventful year at the Coalition.

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Webinar Recap: The State of Transportation and Health Equity

Smart Growth America recently released The State of Transportation and Health Equity, a field scan looking at the intersection of transportation and health equity in the U.S. today. Last month, Emiko Atherton walked through the high-level findings on a webinar. A recording of the webinar with closed captioning is now available. You can also download a PDF of the presentation or read the brief recap below.