Transportation Demand Management in Southeast Michigan

The Michigan Sense of Place Council, representing numerous state agencies under the direction of Governor Snyder, has partnered with Smart Growth America to provide technical advisory services to six communities of Michigan pursuing livable communities initiatives. Assistance was offered in two primary areas – community mobility management and strategic transportation demand management (TDM). The effort … Continued

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Southeast Michigan Transportation Demand Management Strategy

The SEMCOG region is on the cusp of dramatic change. A number of major capital construction projects are on the horizon to break ground in the coming weeks and years. In an already congested region, these major construction projects have the potential to inconvenience local and regional travelers. But they also have the potential to … Continued

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The WalkUP Wake-Up Call: Michigan Metros

A series of reports take a look at three metropolitan areas and find pent-up demand for walkable urban neighborhoods across the country. The reports identify regionally significant walkable urban places, or “WalkUPs,” and rank them based on economic performance, measured by the real estate valuations for each product type and the fiscal revenues generated for local governments, and by social equity performance, measured by accessibility, opportunity, and affordability for residents. Looking ahead to future opportunities, the reports also identify emerging and potential WalkUPs where new development could go.