Leveraging the Nuclear Workforce to Develop Synergistic Industries

Methodology The SGA team analyzed national and regional jobs data and economic patterns in order to evaluate the economic impacts associated with nuclear plants. The analysis employs a comprehensive approach, combining quantitative data with qualitative assessments. It incorporates various economic indicators, including employment rates, income levels, and regional economic growth trends. The methodology is grounded … Continued

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Energy Host Communities Forum—What we heard

Last month, the Nuclear Communities Technical Assistance team hosted the virtual event Building Economic Resilience in Energy Host Communities: A Nuclear Communities Forum. The event was split into two days and covered topics including economic development,  from economic diversification and development to community engagement and what to expect for nuclear host communities in the future. … Continued

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In the Wake of Operational Uncertainty, Nuclear Host Communities are Planning for a Resilient Future

  At the 2022 Nuclear Communities Economic Resilience Conference, host communities from nine nuclear plants in the Midwest-the region that hosts more than half of the nation’s nuclear fleet-gathered to share experiences, best practices, and plan for the future. The Nuclear Communities Team– a technical assistance group led by Smart Growth America in collaboration with … Continued

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Here’s what we heard at the Nuclear Communities Forum

On April 1, the Nuclear Communities team virtually hosted the first Nuclear Communities Forum which sought to amplify knowledge-sharing between nuclear host communities on a national level and set a guiding footprint for those experiencing the impacts of decommissioning across the country. Read on for insights from communities who were able to plan early—and those who weren’t. 

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Conversations on economic adjustment and resilience in the context of nuclear decommissioning

A program of Smart Growth America (SGA), the Nuclear Communities team supports nuclear host communities through building capacity and developing resiliency plans, gathering a wealth of information and perspectives along the way. While each host community has its own unique set of circumstances, they all have one thing in common: preparation is needed to be … Continued

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