Deadline to apply for Smart Growth America's free techincal assistance this Wednesday, October 26th

A before and after of a complete streets project that responds to the needs of everyone using the roadway. The Complete Streets workshop is one of the twelve technical assistance tools being offered free of cost. Photos from the National Complete Streets Coalition.

Smart Growth America is offering free technical assistance to select communities interested in smart growth strategies. Communities interested in applying for this assistance may choose from twelve smart growth tools that help communities build stronger local economies while protecting human health and the environment.

The deadline to apply to for Smart Growth America’s free technical assistance is this Wednesday, October 26th at 5:00 PM EDT. Interested parties can click here to access the online application form.

Technical assistance

Technical assistance workshops webinar materials now online

Smart Growth America is now offering free technical assistance to local communities interested in building stronger local economies while protecting human health and the environment. A recent informational webinar on this free technical assistance provided an overview of the application process and available resources for prospective applicants. The materials of this webinar are now available online.

Smart Growth America’s Leadership Institute presented the webinar on this free technical assistance. The Leadership Institute has extensive experience helping local leaders create livable, sustainable and vital communities by providing the necessary tools and technical assistance to help communities move from visions to plans to execution.

Technical assistance

Register today for tomorrow's informational webinar on free technical assistance

A roundabout on LaJolla Blvd in San Diego, CA, keeps traffic moving smoothly while accommodating pedestrians. The Walkability Audit is one of the twelve technical assistance tools being offered free of charge. Photo from the Walkable and Livable Communities Institute.

Smart Growth America is now accepting applications for a series of free technical assistance workshops for local communities interested in smart growth strategies. Organizations or communities interested in applying for this assistance are invited to join a webinar tomorrow, Wednesday, October 12th at 2:00 PM EDT to discuss the application process and important deadlines.

Technical assistance

Smart Growth America to provide free smart growth technical assistance to communities

Dan Burden, Executive Director and Co-Founder of the Livable and Walkable Communities Institute, leads a Walkability Audit in Linden, MI. The Walkability Audit is one of twelve tools being offered free of change to communities interested in smart growth strategies. Photo from the Michigan Municipal League, via Flickr.

Smart Growth America is pleased to announce technical assistance will now be available to select communities interested in smart growth strategies – free of charge.

The new program has been made possible by a five-year technical assistance grant from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The grant will be used to provide direct technical assistance to communities across the nation on how to develop local solutions to help their communities grow in ways that benefit families and businesses while protecting the environment and preserving a sense of place.

Technical assistance

Smart Growth America's Leadership Institute hosts infill policy workshop in Billings, Montana

Last week, Smart Growth America’s Leadership Institute convened a two-day-long “Introduction to Infill” workshop in Billings, Montana. Infill is a development strategy that uses land within an already built-up area for further construction, focusing on reusing and repositioning obsolete or underutilized buildings and sites.

Together with the City of Billings, the Billings Association of Realtors, the Billings Home Builders Association, Healthy By Design, the Montana Association of Planners, Cole Law Firm, the Western Central Chapter of the American Planning Association and the Billings Chamber of Commerce, the workshop offered expert perspectives on infill development to the community in preparation for the City’s goal of developing an Infill Policy. This type of development is essential to renewing blighted neighborhoods and knitting them back together with more prosperous communities.

More than 80 participants from Montana and North Dakota attended the two-day workshop on April 26 and 27 in Billings. The workshop provided an overview of the state-of-the-practice, as well as the application of infill policies to specific issues – economic development, transportation, private sector involvement, and examples of infill development in Billings and around the country. Local perspectives were also provided through several sessions comprised of local developers, consultants, City staff and other organizations.

The workshop was designed to start the process of developing an infill policy for the City of Billings. A portion of the workshop was devoted to discussing the basic elements of an infill policy and beginning to define infill for Billings. A working group will be formed from the workshop attendees and others in the community in the coming months to develop a draft infill policy to present to the City Council for consideration in late 2011 or early 2012.

More information about the workshop, including the days’ agenda, workshop session descriptions and presentations are available at the City of Billings’ website. If you would like to know more about Smart Growth America’s Leadership Institute’s workshops and seminars, visit or email leadershipinstitute [at] smartgrowthamerica [dot] org.

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Case Studies in Smart Growth Implementation: Anchorage, Alaska

These case studies present Smart Growth America’s key findings and the lessons we’ve learned about smart growth implementation from a four-year technical assistance program funded by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. The cases are meant to help communities that are committed to (or are exploring) smart growth but struggle with implementation. The cases highlight successful … Continued

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Smart Growth Implementation Toolkit

The Smart Growth Implementation Toolkit is a set of practical tools to help communities use a smart growth approach to development. The toolkit is designed to help local leaders untangle the policies and procedures that get in the way of smarter growth and sustainable development. The tools are designed for communities committed to (or are … Continued

Technical assistance

Smart Growth is Smart Business

The report profiles 17 businesses and business groups that are putting smart growth into action in communities across the nation. It outlines the reasons why these business leaders are supporting smart growth policies and projects, and it puts forth five key smart growth business approaches.

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