Six Months of Complete Streets

As July unfolds before us, we look back on the progress of the Complete Streets movement since the year began: We’ve seen incredible progress federally, and we celebrated two new state laws. Eighteen communities have committed to complete streets since January, and we released a Best Practices report on policies and implementation.

Complete Streets

Complete Streets on a Roll in Michigan

It’s hard to think of Michigan without thinking of the automobile, but the growing Michigan Complete Streets Coalition (now at 70+ members!) is working to change that. With two bills set for a Committee vote today and more and more communities adopting their own policies, the Coalition is helping Michigan be a safer, healthier, and stronger place to live.

Complete Streets

Comment Roundup: Your Great Communities

A few weeks ago, we asked what you loved about your communities.  As promised, we’re highlighting some of the best or most engaging answers – though not chosen through any rigorous process.  There are plenty of really interesting comments about interesting places all over the country.  If you haven’t done so, check out all the … Continued


The WalkUP Wake-Up Call: Michigan Metros

A series of reports take a look at three metropolitan areas and find pent-up demand for walkable urban neighborhoods across the country. The reports identify regionally significant walkable urban places, or “WalkUPs,” and rank them based on economic performance, measured by the real estate valuations for each product type and the fiscal revenues generated for local governments, and by social equity performance, measured by accessibility, opportunity, and affordability for residents. Looking ahead to future opportunities, the reports also identify emerging and potential WalkUPs where new development could go.