NEW VIDEO: Creating Thriving Communities Through Complete Streets: Wenatchee’s Story

Made in collaboration with the Washington State Department of Health, our new video tells the story of Wenatchee, Washington—a community that came together to make their streets safer. Watch to hear from community members about how a temporary installation has made a permanent change to their approach to safety and accessibility.


RFP: Video/creative consulting services for short feature on extreme heat

Smart Growth America (SGA) is seeking an experienced videographer for consultant services for its Climate Change, Health, and Equity initiative.  Such services will help SGA and its community-based partners produce a 4-8 minute video to raise awareness of the risks associated with extreme heat, who is most affected by extreme heat, and to feature lived, … Continued

Climate Change

VIDEO: Pedestrian fatalities continue to rise. Here’s why.

In a conversation with CBS Sunday Morning, SGA’s Vice President of Transportation and Thriving Communities Beth Osborne explains that our roads are dangerous by design. If you watch CBS on Sunday mornings, you might have caught our own Beth Osborne talking about dangerous street design. She was joined by John Barth, who’s working on Complete … Continued


VIDEO: How an obscure federal measure justifies the hefty price tag of destructive, divisive roadway projects

Our newest video, part of Divided by Design, helps explain how federal guidance known as value of time gets used every day to justify the cost of building incredibly expensive highways (or additional highway lanes) that divide our communities, produce more congestion and pollution, and ultimately make it harder to get around in nearly every … Continued


We want to see what your streets look like

Sometimes you have to see it to believe it. So we’re asking you to show us your dangerous streets (or ones that have been designed safely!) With the latest report of Dangerous by Design coming out this summer, we want to see what the roads look like outside of your home — are they stroads? Have safe crossings? Bike lanes non-existent? What about it makes you feel safe or unsafe? Take a video or photo of the place you live or work and share it with us. 

Complete Streets

WATCH: Safety and vehicle speed are fundamentally opposed

Written by Abigail Grimminger.Sometimes we have to see it to believe it. How would street design really look if we prioritized the safety of all road users? Smart Growth America and the National Complete Streets Coalition’s latest video illustrates that when streets are designed to move as many cars as possible as quickly as possible, … Continued